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Dr. Moisés Salinas Fleitman

Author and Speaker

New Release

Tu Hijo en el Centro
Una Nueva Visión Educativa Para la Era Digital 


A work that not only exposes the educational problems of the 21st century and analyzes the political factors that create them, but also proposes solutions to solve them based on the demands of the digital age. A well written book based on academic studies but with a simple, clear and entertaining language.


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"And for those truly interested in the substantive field of education, it is time to enter into the debate of a new model, a new educational paradigm such as the one proposed in this book"  

José Carreño Carlón - General Director from the Fondo de Cultura Económica

Praise & Reviews

“This is one of those books that surprises with its precision when it comes to understanding the future and is also inspiring because it is capable of bringing the distant horizon of desires to the immediate reality of our present... A text dedicated to the subject of education, written by a Mexican, has been long since It did move me that much."

Ricardo Raphael – Journalist and Professor at CIDE

"This book shows us why the school should be more than a place where knowledge is transmitted; it is there that children should develop their maximum potential in order to be better human beings, and thus have a better society. It is a must read for all parents interested in their children's education." 

Leo Zuckerman

Journalist and Political Analist

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About Dr. Salinas Fleitman

Dr. Salinas Fleitman is the Rector of the ORT University Mexico, a first of its kind institution dedicated to Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.   Before that he served as Academic Director at Hebraica University, and Chief Diversity Officer at Central Connecticut State University, where he was a professor and researcher for over 10 years.

He is author of numerous publications in Spanish, English and Hebrew, including four books, amongst them Planting Hatred, Sowing pain: the Psychology of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict (Greenwood-Praeger, 2007), and The Politics of Stereotype: Affirmative Action and Psychology (Greenwood-Praeger, 2003).  The new edition of his best seller, “A New Education Vision for the Digital Age: The Child at the Center” was published in Spanish in 2022 by Penguin Random House.

He has a PhD in educational psychology form the University of Texas at Austin, a BA in education and psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has lectured extensively in universities in the U.S., Latin America and Israel.

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