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Dr. Moises Salinas Fleitman is Rector of ORT University Mexico. He is an Educational Psychologist, an expert in stereotypes, prejudice, ethnic identity and conflict resolution. Dr. Salinas gives lectures about the psychology of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, and workshops about contemporary development of Jewish Identity.

Born in Mexico City, Dr. Salinas was a leader in the Dor Jadash Zionist youth movement. He then made Aliyah (Migrated to Israel) in 1986, and completed a BA degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Educational Psychology while he lived and worked at kibbutz Nirim in the Negev. In 1998, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas. Dr. Salinas then moved to Connecticut where he worked as a Professor of Psychology and later Chief Diversity Officer.

In 2013, he became founding Rector of ORT University Mexico, an institution focused on the development of Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

He has published several books and articles related to cross-cultural, educational and social psychological issues, among them his best sellers Planting Hatred Sowing Pain: The Psychology of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Greenwood-Praeger) and Tu Hijo en el Centro: Un Nuevo Modelo Educativo para la Era Digital (Penguin Random House).  

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